About Us
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish was founded in 1954 to serve the needs of the new suburban neighbourhood of Alta Vista. The church building and the property's setting among large trees are a landmark in the Alta Vista area, highlighted by the lovely statue
of the Virgin Mary dedicated in 2000- a place where many passers-by stop to pray. The parish includes many parishioners who are long-time members as well as more recent families- all of whom contribute to enriching the community fabric of the parish.
To outsiders, the parish is known for its excellent Adult Choir which has been featured on the local cable TV channel in the annual Alta Vista Christmas carol concert. Inside the parish, many other activities take place that serve the needs of its members as well as providing an opportunity to make new friends. For example, the IHM Catholic Women's League recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and the annual Chicken Barbecue held on the lawn behind the church is a must attend event to signal the start of summer.
The heart of the parish lies in its charitable fundraising and community support activities.  The parish holds numerous fundraising activities that support Action Life and the Shepherds of Good Hope. The parish also supports the Heron Road Food Centre, youth programs at a community centre, shelters for young mothers and women at risk, and an outreach program to the poor of the area. A group of dedicated volunteers assists residents of the Perley-Rideau Veterans Home to attend Sunday Mass.
The parish is fortunate to be close to St. Paul's University and regularly provides a home-away-from-home for foreign priests enrolled in a study program. These priests provide us with a window into the issues faced by other Catholic communities halfway across the